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17 -31 May 2011 : Exhibition by artist Spartak Paskalevski "Touching the words"

17 -31 May 2011: Exhibition by artist Spartak Paskalevski "Touching the words" at the cult place in Sofia named Red House, on the occasion of the visit of the Novel prize winner Turkish writer Orhan Pamuk in Bulgaria:

“Adhering to the title of the novel" Museum of innocence "by Orhan Pamuk, the artist is immersed in an atmosphere of love betweenKemal Bey and Fusun. In his conseption he has been inspired by the decision of the protagonist to build a museum from the items of his beloved woman. The artist expresses the nuances and shades of that “gentle novel," and in contrast to the writer according to whom the words name the objects and become symbols, images, Spartak Paskalevski is looking for images of the objects that turn into symbols so the forms created by him aims to continue the life of things, the delicate game of possession and non- possession.Creative problem here lies in the transformation of substance and the deconstruction of time which turns into space. Thus, everydaybelongings and objects trigger the memories and in the same time the intimate spirit of the Balkan sensory experience - the cult of the natural simplicity of the Existence narrated by the writer. And why not of things unspoken ... ”

At the opening of the exhibition (from left to right: Yordanka Bibina, Spartak Paskalevski, Kalina Peeva)

Painting of the artist Spartak Paskalevski, Associate Professor at the"Konstantin Preslavski” University of Shumen

Orhan Pamuk in Sofia, photos of Y. Bibina